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A strong building requires a solid foundation. The same is true for any building project. BM International Groups Construction Division provides that solid foundation for our clients. From the start of any project, our seasoned team of construction professionals lays the groundwork for success.

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Strategy, organization, operations, transformation, digital, mergers & acquisitions are just some of the reasons why you may be considering engaging a consultancy. BM International Groups esteemed Consultancy Division can help you identify and chart a course to help you reach that bigger picture.

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Exporting and importing goods soon comes to the forefront of any large, successful business. BM International Groups Import & Export Division highly trained logistics team will provide you with the critical knowledge to get you through the maze of regulations and shipping options successfully.

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There are no production plans too massive for us to tackle, and no details too small for us to manage. The combination of our passion and expertise in event planning and our unparalleled creativity makes BM International Groups Events Management team the best and brightest in the game.

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  • Meet
  • Consult
  • Concept
  • Execute

A solid foundation for a successful project starts at the very beginning. We ensure all parties involved within the project have the ability to fully explain and idealise about their perfect outcome. We always promote trust in our discussion thus why we have a 75% referral business. We would rather be honest and upfront and tell you if we can’t do something even though this may mean not winning your business. However, we will seek to find a more viable solution that will suit both parties.

Once negotiations are set, we will enter the critical phase of consultation, again this is to cement and dig deeper into your requirements. We will invite key technical members of our team to help support, identify and achieve your desired outcome as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our aim is to deliver your project on time and within budget and we will.

We operate a very fluid design and concept offering in our service and will be as accommodating as possible to fit all your requirements together. We will present you with initial first drafts and mock-ups on how we envision bringing your ideas to life. We value your input extensively to ensure our concepts meet your initial brief and we won’t stop conceptualising until you are completely satisfied and ready to move forward.

We consider this to be the easiest phase in our process..Why? Because we put so much time into perfecting the start of our process, the rest usually falls right into place. However, we will still remain as proactive, vigilant and dedicated as we have from the start and we will always seek to find ways to build more quickly whilst saving more on your budget. Our highly skilled onsite team will ensure you receive constant updates on the progress of the build phase of the project.

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