pullman hotel room in saigon
pullman hotel room saigon

Pullman Hotel Group

LocationHCMC, Vietnam
ClientLiberty Group
CategoryConstruction, Project Management

Client Requirements

Liberty group were building a large, high scale 5* hotel (Pullman hotel) in a very tight space and densely populated and defined area in HCMC, Vietnam. Working to a formidable Japanese design they were looking for someone to fit out the interior aspects of the build.

Our Solutions

BM International Group understood the complexities facing the build due to its location, as well as the need to be very strong on project management of deliveries and materials to ensure they avoided time costly time delays and bottlenecks.

We also made sure that we had a tight team of subcontractors who had reputable experience of working in such an environment; implementing very strict scheduling of every one of the 2000 – 3000 workers working on the project.

We sourced the highest quality materials using JIT approach which complemented not only the bottleneck issue but also the style and design the client wanted.