BM International Group Partners

Delivering International Excellence Together

Skinny & Co.


Skinny & Co are one of our longest partners, we help them with overseeing production, quality control and shipping of coconut oil to the USA in order for them to produce a diverse range of class-leading pure coconut oil products. With new products being released including hand sanitizers and face mask, we continue towards a bright future.

PureLiving China

PureLiving China became our partner in January 2020. They provide BM International group with the highest quality PPE & HVAC systems and professional consulting. In return, we help support them with PPE requirements and the logistics to and from Vietnam. A truly thorough international partnership with exciting times ahead.

Become Our Partner


We are always looking to find likeminded, professional organisations with an international mindset to create long-lasting, sustainable and profitable partnerships. If you are looking for a partner to help support you in areas of Construction, Import & Export, Events or Consulting the don’t hesitate to contact us.