large shot of samsung manufacturing plant in vietnam
samsung concrete flooring and epoxy vietnam


LocationThai Nguyen, Vietnam
ClientSamsung & Samsung E&C
CategoryConsulting & Construction

Client Requirements

Samsung wanted to create the largest, high specification cell phone manufacturing factory in Vietnam; something that it still holds as number 1 today.

The factory needed to use the latest design specification to ensure faultless production of their products and maximise production of the cell build process. These included ensuring the facility was super clean, airtight and waterproof with ultra level concrete flooring with very small tolerances due to the specialised equipment needed for manufacturing.

Our Solutions

BM International Group sourced the finest Epoxy and waterproofing materials and imported from Korea, to ensure fit and finish was achieved. We also imported special purpose machinery from the US including laser guided trowels and laser levels to ensure the ground was within the very fine -/+ tolerances acceptable by Samsung.

Quality control was assessed and taken at 3 different concrete manufacturers to ensure the right grade and consistency of concrete was achieved.