Construction Never Sleeps! BM International Group Deliver New Bar On Time Despite COVID

BM International Groups Vietnam construction division once again showed how the Vietnamese resilience shines through in the face of adversity.

We received a call from our client who had told us the difficulties she had experienced trying to find a trustworthy & excellent construction contractor to help deliver her a new bar within a fairly short timescale.

She went on to discuss some of the reasons why nobody would take on her construction project such as the timeframe was too short, or COVID and more.

No one will take on my project due to COVID or the tight timescales

Signature Cocktails Bar Owner

However, rather than just dismiss this as the other construction companies. Vinh Dang, the director of the BM International group decided to show this client that not all contractors are the same and arranged a meeting with the client at least to explore the project in more details.

Following a very extensive meeting and knowing how important this project was to the client, Vinh agreed to undertake this project knowing the difficulties that faced it much to the delight of our client. . However Vinh, who hails from the States had full confidence in his construction team that if anyone could do it…BM International Group could.

Custom Bar Design & Build

So once all the contracts where signed and agreed we had 3 Months…Yes 3 months to do a complete custom build. Not only that we were in the height of COVID.

This meant taking extra precaution to make sure all our staff were well looked after, as well as being very proactive on securing all the necessary materials needed to complete the project as supply chains had slowed down considerably.

However, after overcoming the challenges and more, in 3 months (1 month design, 2 months build) BM International Group delivered this to our client in time for her grand opening!

Vinh, also went on to comment to say that all though I knew my team were capable of achieving it, it was very difficult so I want to thank all the construction team for their excellent work in delivering this result. But equally, it would not have been possible without my our client who worked with us every step of the way!

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