HCMC & Hanoi Social Distancing Campaign Pays Off

Hanoi and HCMC have been allowed to loosen up their social distancing measures from Thursday as infections have plateaued.
Both cities will begin imposing more blissful restrictions than before when the 22-day social distancing peoples campaign Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc launched in April 1 was nonetheless in place.

The end of the social distancing peoples campaign means the guidelines that do not permit gatherings of more than two persons and ask people to continue to be at home, stepping outside solely for emergencies, buying meals and medicine, and working in factories, production services and businesses that contain trade in “essential” items and services are no longer utilized to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Those rules had been applied to all localities throughout Vietnam between April 1-15, and extended for any other week for 12 localities deemed to carry “high risks” of Covid-19 infections, inclusive of Hanoi and HCMC.

Both cities, now classified solely as “at risk”, as well as different localities will still have to end social events, gatherings of over 20 people in a vicinity and gatherings of 10 people or above outside workplaces, faculties and hospitals. A minimum distance of two meters must be maintained between people in public places.

Earlier, in an on-line meeting of senior Covid-19 prevention officers from all 63 provinces and cities, HCMC People’s Committee Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong stated that during the 22-day social distancing campaign, the metropolis went 19 consecutive days without new instances and only has two remaining cases left. Accordingly, Ho Chi Minh City proposed that the Prime Minister permits it to stop the social distancing peoples campaign starting Thursday.

HCMC is allowed to open shops, road businesses and some non-essential services. With a couple of areas like the districts of Thuong Tin and Me Linh nonetheless deemed “high-risk” of infection, Hanoi will have more restrictions in region than HCMC. Stringent social distancing measures will still wholly be applied to these districts.

Hanoi authorities said they will proceed to prohibit bars, karaoke, restaurants, recreation centers and tea shops, which usually gather groups in large numbers, from opening. Festivals and activity events will also remain paused. People can go out typically but have to still do so solely when necessary. When going out, they must put on masks and keep a secure distance. Not wearing a protective mask when going out will continue to be fined.

Vinh Dang, Director of BM International groups expressed his relief at the sanctions being lifted. He said “We have been fairly fortunate as our business covers both essential (Construction and Import & Export) and non-essential (events) so we expect our forecast to grow this year due to the excellent work the government and the people in Vietnam have responded”.

Transportation such as buses, taxis and ride-hailing offerings can resume, but the metropolis will set certain restrictions; for instance, on the wide variety of seats that can be filled and ought to remain empty. All potential of transportation need to have hand-sanitizers at hand.

Hanoi hasn’t determined when to resume school for over two million students attending education in the capital city.

The city has recorded 112 Covid-19 instances so far, of which 81 have been discharged and 31 are having ongoing treatment. Hanoi hasn’t recorded a new case since April 16.

Living with the pandemic

The Prime Minister stated that over the past three months, Vietnam has constantly taken many measures to achieve necessary and encouraging results. However, people nevertheless need to be alert, he cautioned.

“We have utilized social distancing properly and promptly, so in the previous six days no cases have been detected. Particularly in Ho Chi Minh City, there have been no new instances for 19 days straight,” the PM said.

Phuc said that in the coming time, Vietnam has to be given the situation of persisting with the pandemic and people must be aware of this.

“Many other countries of the world are still infected, so the danger is not over for us. So, adapting to Covid-19 is ordinary and pandemic control is necessary,” he noted.

In the 22-day distancing peoples campaign for “high-risk” localities that ended Wednesday, all “non-essential” businesses such as bars, karaoke clubs and restaurants have been ordered to close temporarily.

Of Vietnam’s 268 Covid-19 instances so far, 223 have recovered. The country has recorded no new contamination in the last six days.

The pandemic has engulfed up to 210 countries and territories and its suggested death toll has crossed 177,600.