skinny and co coconut produts for body and face

Skinny & Co

LocationVietnam / USA
ClientSkinny & Co
CategoryImport & Export, Consulting

Client Requirements

Skinny & Co, a US beauty products business specialising in coconut oil beauty products, wanted to start manufacturing their product in Vietnam and export it to their predominant market in the US as well as establish a Vietnamese customer base.

They needed a partner to help source raw products, a manufacturing site and a sound understanding of exporting goods from Vietnam to the US.

Our Solutions

We initially helped source a manufacturing facility capable of producing the number of products required with the scalability to increase should it need to. We then project managed and facilitated the production area to have clean rooms and specially designed cold press machinery to extract the coconut meat with minimum wastage.

To aide production we vetted and scoured a number of coconut farmers to help Skinny & Co. identify the best raw materials needed to ensure the product was the best it could be, ensuring checks were in place to maintain quality and consistency.

BM International Group also led on the transportation routes through Vietnam and shipping from Vietnam to the US ensuring all paperwork and documentation was present and correct using our trusted contacts to ensure distribution was as fast as possible.