particpants at redbull vietnam in ho chi minh city
HCMC Redbull champ dash

Redbull Champions Dash

LocationHCMC & Hanoi, Vietnam

Client Requirements

Redbull wanted to bring their daredevil, high powered brand to the Vietnamese market by hosting a world leading event to showcase their products in a memorable, engaging and active way synonymous to their world famous reputation.

They needed a company in Vietnam with whom they could collaborate on ideas for a first of its kind obstacle course for the people of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The company also needed to be able to bring the ideas to life from start to finish taking in to account the construction, health and safety and marketing of the event.

Our Solutions

BM International Groups Events division began work with Red Bull to locate a suitable area within HCMC to launch the event which hosted in excess of 5000+ contestants with 0000s more as spectators. This was controlled with policing and security, as well as authorisation from the government, again organised by BM International Group

We then sourced the obstacles globally and designed and coordinated the race ensuring risk assessments were carried out as required and health and safety certificates were put in place by our very own race director.

To further support the event we arranged F&B, marketing and recruitment of over 200 volunteers.