logistics image showing plane, boat and truck and cargo

Alliance Shipping

Year 2016
Location India / Vietnam
Client Alliance Shipping (ASL)
Category Import & Export

Client Requirements

Alliance Shipping is the 4th largest Import and Export company in India. They wanted to create & establish ties within Vietnam so they could provide a fantastic array of products into Vietnam and equally bring products from the Vietnamese market into the Indian Market.

The needed the expertise and experience of an established Import and Export company in Vietnam who would prove to be a safe and reputable partner for them to grow their business with.

Our Solutions

BM International Group offered years of knowledge and expertise in import and export specifically in Vietnam and we were able to advise them of the best methods for achieving an efficient, cost productive solution of import and export in and out of a new country. This included providing guidance on the intricate rules and regulations of import and export in Vietnam as well as:

Full validated customs and government paperwork
Ensuring customers received all orders
A service to ensure customers and suppliers were fully aware of progress and satisfied at all times
Identifying and sourcing the quickest and most cost-effective logistics inside Vietnam
And lots more…